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Hardy KDE 4.1 Beta 1 Completed

YES! It took me long enough with all of the work that was going on at the same time, but I would like to present you the ability to test out KDE 4.1 Beta 1 in Kubuntu Hardy right now! It seems we have worked out a majority of the quirks, but I can’t promise you that you may not get an overwrite issue with dpkg just yet. I do think we got them all covered, but you may have something nobody else does, so we didn’t catch it. We have been testing these packages since Saturday/Sunday and I have updated them as people reported issues.

To top it off, I have also included the KDE 4 PIM packages that contain applications such as Kontact, KMail, KOrganizer, Akregator, and more! The package name to get all of that is kdepim-kde4.

So, to install and test these new packages, please add the following to your Kubuntu Hardy /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb hardy main

Once you have done that and you already have a previous KDE 4 version installed, type the following in Konsole:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Otherwise type the following:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop

Note you may need to install kdebase-runtime-data-common in order to get Application directory icons under the Kickoff menu.

To install the KDE 4 PIM packages, type the following in Konsole:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kdepim-kde4

I would recommend that you backup your ~/.kde4 directory if there is anything that you might need, and then delete the ~/.kde4 directory to limit any quirks you may receive. After you have done this, update away, reboot for good measure, select KDE 4 from KDM, and enjoy!

I ask that you join us in #kubuntu-kde4 on IRC (Freenode) to discuss any issues that you may have. We can all work together to see if the issue we are seeing is a packaging/Kubuntu only/KDE 4.1 Beta 1 only issue and if not, file some reports on

Thanks everyone for your patience! I will continue to work on the extragear packages and roll them out within the next day or so. Those should be fairly easy 🙂

Have fun!

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  • Cool !!!

    I love KDE 4.1.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Thanks a lot, Richard. Thats great.

  • haribo

    hey, thanks a lot for the packages!

    I just installed and received an error from apt, though:

    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    Now the adept-manager tells me kdeutils-kde4 is broken and should be removed, but when trying to do so, also returns errors ..

    Well, I’ll reboot and have a look how it works

  • Hey, thanks for working so hard on the packages. I shall be installing them later in the morning ( gotta go to bed first ;p )

  • Just fixed the directions on installing stuff.

    @haribo – obviously my blog does a horrible job at wide pastes, but if you could either come into #kubuntu-kde4 on IRC or use Pastebin to paste bin your apt errors so I can see which file is trying to be overwritten. Thanks!

  • Jos

    Hi Richard,

    Can you add Strigi 0.5.10?


  • amir

    I think you mean kdebase-runtime-data-common and not kubuntu-runtime-data-common. thanks for the great job.

  • @jos: 0.5.10 uploaded just now, just for you 🙂

    Uploading to kde4 (via ftp to
    strigi_0.5.10-1ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa1.dsc: done.
    strigi_0.5.10.orig.tar.gz: done.
    strigi_0.5.10-1ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa1.diff.gz: done.
    strigi_0.5.10-1ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa1_source.changes: done.
    Successfully uploaded packages.

    @amir – hahaha, thanks!

  • Thanks for your hard work 🙂

  • oshunter

    Thanks nixternal for the time you spent on this 🙂
    How can I get more plasmoids?
    Is there a way to improve the look and feel of gtk based applications? you know firefox and eclipse
    I installed gtk-qt-engine-kde4 but that did not work.

  • Christian

    Thanks a lot Richard. I have not tested it extensively yet but they seem to work good. But what about the kdegraphics package? Will this come, too?

  • Luke

    I still have a problem with dolphin/konqueror crashing while trying to create a new folder. Open up dolphin, go to file create new to reproduce. Anyone else have the problem?

  • dk

    Thanks for the packages. But I am missing okular 4.1beta. Isn’t that in the repository? It is still showing version 4.0.3. Maybe I am missing something.

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  • oshunter

    @Luke: I have the same problem with Dolphin and Konqueror. In the case of konqueror, it crashes when I right click the mouse in the an empty area.

  • harryrat

    I followed the instructions above for upgrading from 4.0.4 to the beta, ending up with a broken kde after reboot…first strange thing on login was the “welcome to debian at …”, when logging in, only an undecorated console window appears
    trying: apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop fails…

    it looks like there are dependency conflicts which prevent a successful installation:

    4.4.0-1ubuntu5~hardy1~ppa1 and 4.4.0-1ubuntu5~hardy1

  • crypter

    @haribo: same problem:

    Preparing to replace kdf-kde4 4:4.0.4-0ubuntu1~hardy1 (using …/kdf-kde4_4%3a4.0.80-1ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa1_i386.deb) …
    Unpacking replacement kdf-kde4 …
    dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kdf-kde4_4%3a4.0.80-1ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa1_i386.deb (–unpack):
    trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/kde4/bin/kwikdisk’, which is also in package kwikdisk-kde4
    dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)
    Errors were encountered while processing:

  • Dennis

    apt-get install kubuntu-kde4-desktop kdebase-runtime-data-common automoc
    dpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten von /var/cache/apt/archives/kdelibs5-dev_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa3_amd64.deb (–unpack):
    Versuche, »/usr/lib/kde4/share/dbus-1/interfaces/org.kde.KIMIface.xml« zu überschreiben, welches auch in Paket kdelibs5-data ist
    dpkg-deb: Unterprozess paste mit Signal (Broken pipe) getötet

    (trying to overwrite ….xml, which is also in packet kdelibs5-data.)
    Entpacke khelpcenter-kde4 (aus …/khelpcenter-kde4_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa5_amd64.deb) …
    dpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten von /var/cache/apt/archives/khelpcenter-kde4_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa5_amd64.deb (–unpack):
    Versuche, »/usr/lib/kde4/share/doc/kde4/HTML/en/khelpcenter/whatiskde.docbook« zu überschreiben, welches auch in Paket kdebase-runtime-data ist
    dpkg-deb: Unterprozess paste mit Signal (Broken pipe) getötet
    (same thing, trying to overwrite… killed.)

  • Dennis

    Oh, and I’m under amd64. is that a problem?

  • ddwornik


    remove/purge kwikdisk-kde4 (sudo aptitude remove purge kwikdisk-kde4 or in synaptic search for kwikdisk and “completely remove” it).

    Then try to re-install the packages that are broken and re-run the update.

  • Thanks.
    I was keeping updated with the packages and I have to say, it’s a great work.
    For me 4.1 beta is MUCH more stable than 4.0.3 on ubuntu.

  • crypter

    @ddwornik: I already made this. thanks

  • harryrat

    After fiddeling around with aptitude, some manual dpkg –forcing and installing kubuntu-kde4-desktop it seems to work (:

  • Panagiotis Papadakos

    Thanks for your hard work!
    Is there any chance you will also upload kdegraphics?
    Seems that I am missing them!

    Moreover it seems that plasma works really hard! Almost 100% of cpu. Anyone
    else has noticed this?

  • kwin-kde4 seems to be mispackaged. It’s having trouble with libkdecorations4 and libkwineffects1: it wants to remove them, then complains it won’t install because they’re not going to be installed. No emergency, though, Compiz is an acceptable replacement for kwin for now

  • Kapat

    Firstly, thanks for the packages.

    As has been mentioned, after multiple `apt-get -f install’, `dpkg –purge’ dances, I did get the whole thing installed. And was happy to log into the “shiny” 4.1 beta; seems stable for a while too. Then I tried to add a few widgets and a new panel (I am on dual monitor setup – using Xinerama) and it crashed. Now I am not able to log into KDE4 setup from KDM. KWin seems to crash right after loggin in – giving a blank white screen. Surprisingly, krunner is running and I can start appliations (konsole, konqueror) through it. I’ll try to remove ~/.kde4 and see if that works. Anyone one with a dual monitor setup trying KDE4?

    As for dolphin/konqueror, there is one more thing – “Add network Folder” in remote:/ seems to be broken (is broken in 4.0.4 too).

    Looking forward to more updates.

  • dk

    Did someone else experience a problem with plasma? Every time plasma crashes I have to remove the configuration files. Killing and restarting it doesn’t help and results in a black background and no plasmoids or panels. Maybe it is of importance that I’m using an intel graphics card. It is really annoying to reconfigure everything.

  • Kapat

    @dk: I am on an nvidia GeForce (using restricted module driver from Ubuntu repo) with similar issue.

  • Anirudh

    This’ll be quite useful. thanks.

  • wsjunior

    More plasmoids for the love of god! 😀 I just need them :-p

  • wsjunior

    I also would like to report that downloading new plasma themes most of times crash plasma and I need to login again, and also switching between installed themes just make effect if I restart session, is that supposed to work this way?

  • Hm, I’m ATI/fglrx, and have noticed no significant performance degradation vs. KDE 4.0.4. This is both with and without compositing. The wobbly windows work well enough, but I’m not a huge fan of that so I’m leaving it off. I’m liking the other Plasma improvements, though.

    I do see the duplicate audio device issue; but because Phonon falls back to the working one, I can tolerate it.

    Creating folders in Dolphin and Konqueror works just fine; i.e. no crashes. The FolderView applet is awesome, but it’s best used with a theme with a transparent widget background, such as Glassified.

    Overall, the experience has been great so far. Thanks so much!

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  • Luke

    Both my notebook and desktop have the create new folder crash with dolphin/konqueror.

    I get:
    A Fatal Error Occureed
    The application Konqueror crashed and cauused signal 11 (SIGSEGV)

  • wsjunior

    There is no crash creating new folders here but i noticed another problem. I’m not able to save keybinds. For instance, I’m able to set “Go to Next Desktop” to be done by “CTRL+ALT+RIGHT”, and after I click on “Apply”. I receive no error, but it just doesn’t work. It seems that the keybinds aren’t stored because when I open System Settings again to check if everything is ok, the keybind is not set anymore. Is there any way to fix that behaviour?

  • Jonas

    @Jiang Yio,

    The Phonon problem can be solved like:

    mv .kde4/share/config/phonondevicesrc ~

    and log out and in again. Worked for me at least.

    I too love the folder view plasmoid, but as you said: you really do need glassified or something similar. And if I use that, well…the systray is messed up – especially if you keep Kontact and the Korganizer daemon running there. So for now, I need to stick to the default theme unfortunately. Although the devs know of that bug so I’m confident it will be solved soonish.

    Now if only Akregator could remember the tabs I had opened…

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  • @Jonas:

    Thanks for the tip. After it re-created the phonondevicesrc, everything was peachy. Perhaps some of the other problems can be solved by selectively re-creating config files. I didn’t want to lose all my old settings by creating a whole new set ;p

    Yep, the notification applet displays black backgrounds, regardless of theme. It’s been like that since before I upgraded, but I tend to tolerate it because all the icons have the same square black background for uniformity…

    Hm… the cover flow window switcher is awesome. In general, the animations and opacity transitions in the window manager are nice.

  • Nick

    I love it except for a few things:

    I had the extragear-plasma package installed in 4.04. When I did this update it removed it but the plasmoids from the extragear are still listed when I click Add New Widget. Trying to add them just gives me an Invalid Applet Description error.

    I also tried to switch my plasma theme to Glassified but it just crashes plasma.

    I have the little volume control icon for Kmix in my System Tray and it has part of the icon next to it in it’s background. No matter what I do it won’t go away.

    These things are just minor annoyances that I’m sure will be fixed later. I can live with them for now.

    Thanks for the hard work!

  • Try this:

    sudo apt-get install extragear-plasma

    (I believe the package was recently added)

  • Nick


    When I try that it gives me:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    extragear-plasma: Depends: libplasma1 but it is not going to be installed
    E: Broken packages

    If I try and install libplasma1 it gives me
    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    libplasma1: Depends: kdebase-workspace-bin but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: kdebase-workspace-data (= 4:4.0.4-0ubuntu1~hardy1) but it is not going to be installed
    E: Broken packages

    And that’s where I just gave up.

  • Nick


    I should have ran sudo apt-get update first 🙂

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  • Nick

    Ok, I now have more widgets in my list but all of the new ones say Invalid Applet Description when I try to add them.

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  • David

    This looks really great. One thing though — global hotkeys don’t seem to work. Anyone have a workaround or solution?

  • Dennis

    My problems resolved at some point. I don’t know what I did in what order, but I think the magical thing was the dist-upgrade with –force-yes. It removed all my kde4 packages.
    Then I could install kubuntu-kde4-desktop just fine.

  • TCO

    All seems well except:

    The following packages have been kept back:

  • Gunni

    TCO: kwin-kde4 is obsolete and has been replaced by kde-window-manager package

    Now to my experiences:

    Overall all seems in good state. Some little thing i stumbled upon:

    1. Pressing Alt+F2 did not start krunner, until i started krunner once, and started a program from there

    2. desktop-effects-kde and kconfig->desktop effects do not work intuitive together. To enable the kwin effects in kconfig, you have to check “no effects” in desktop-effects-kde, otherwise they wont work.

    3. Had the missing icons in the menu installing kdebase-runtime-data-common, deleting .kde4/ and relogin resolved this, but konsole icon disappeared, as i tried to change the properties for it in taskbar

    4. Widgets dont work because of missing extragear, but should be resolved when package is deployed

    OT: I cant get pulseaudio to work on startup, i have start it manual by “pulseaudio -D”, any hints on that?
    P.S.: Thanks nixternal for your work.

  • Alexander

    Hi there,

    Aaron Seigo noticed that a bug was introduced to the Beta 1 that broke the code for Mac OS Widgets. Now as he fixed the bug I wonder if there is the possibility to get an updated package ?

    Regards, Alexander

    p.s keep up the terrific work !

  • Trip

    A first?

    We’ve got it running on the Asus EEEPC 😉 Girlfriend loves it.

  • wsjunior

    Anybody else noticed KDE4 extremely slow after the latest updates?

  • Gunni

    Additionaly, i forget to mention, that i dont suffer from the dolphin/konqueror-right-mouse-click-crash bug.

  • Sam

    Nicely going along. KDE4 seems to scroll a little slower than KDE3 on this system, but it will be interesting to see how it will develop once it reaches the next major update. Congratulations, KDE team!

  • jbernardo

    Installing kdebase-runtime-data-common seems to have fixed the missing icons problem for me. Shouldn’t it be a dependency of kdebase-runtime-data?

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  • * KPlot does not seem to be properly compiled into libkdeui, I always get missing references problems when trying to link against it (same was for kde 4.0.4)
    * knotify4 causes a very high wakeup rate (>100/sec) (see powertop)
    * many screensavers don’t seem to show up, esp. kde3 ones
    * the display settings change the display, but don’t change the settings of guidance-displayconfig, which is called at/etc/X11/Xsession.d/40guidance-displayconfig_restore
    * kde-guidance: when the display resolution is changed in settings, the panel at the bottom does not change until explicitly reset, not even after logout and login
    it often gets stuck during logout and has to be killed with ctrl-alt-backspace
    * when the panel is quit (“remove this panel”), plasma segfault “plasma[6449]: segfault at 7f28000dc947 ip 7f28000dc947 sp 7fff8b103e28 error 14 in[7f2870885000+a000]” – confirmed in irc

    it is really beautiful! 🙂

  • I can’t install extragear-plasma and plasma-themes-extra from KDE 4.1 repo at one time, I have the error:

    Selecting previously deselected package extragear-plasma-data.
    (Reading database ... 229513 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking extragear-plasma-data (from .../extragear-plasma-data_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa2_all.deb) ...
    dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/extragear-plasma-data_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa2_all.deb (--unpack):
    trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/kde4/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/Elegance/widgets/clock.svg', which is also in package plasma-themes-extra
    dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)
    Selecting previously deselected package extragear-plasma.
    Unpacking extragear-plasma (from .../extragear-plasma_4%3a4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa2_i386.deb) ...
    Errors were encountered while processing:
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
    A package failed to install. Trying to recover:
    dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of extragear-plasma:
    extragear-plasma depends on extragear-plasma-data (>= 4:4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa2); however:
    Package extragear-plasma-data is not installed.
    dpkg: error processing extragear-plasma (--configure):
    dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    Main string is:
    trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/kde4/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/Elegance/widgets/clock.svg’, which is also in package plasma-themes-extra
    Can you fix this?

  • Murz, the lazy way is to just force the overwrite:

    sudo apt-get install -o DPkg::Options=”–force-overwrite”

  • oops… looks like the less-than and greater-than signs were interpreted as an HTML tag and stripped out.

    sudo apt-get install (packages) -o DPkg::Options=”-force-overwrite”

  • Works out of the box, thanks 🙂

  • Paul

    Anyone else have a problem that Kopete doesn’t open up chat windows when you get a message, or show any kind of indication of it?

    It just seems to make the sound, and not open anything, it doesn’t say anywhere which contact sent the message. SO I basically just have to go through my contacts one by one checking if I have a message from them.

    It’s very fucking annoying

  • willi

    thanks a lot man, im installing now

  • sveri

    Anyone else have a problem that Kopete doesn’t open up chat windows when you get a message, or show any kind of indication of it?

    This is something that annoys me scince kde 4.0.
    But theres a little workaround, just open the configure dialog of kopete, then go to the
    behavior tab and select “use message queue” and “queue/stack unread messages”.
    Kopetes miniicon will turn in circles if a new messages comes in clicking it will open
    the new message.

  • Alexander

    No package with the MacOS widget fix around ?


  • Hardon

    Hi nixternal

    we are still wating for the KDevelop packages 🙁

  • PM

    I’d like to at the KDE 4 bindings to list of things that could really use a package (I’m currently knee-deep in a little Qt/Ruby-based media player and I’d love to simplify things with Phonon) – pretty please? 🙂

  • Alan Wallcraft

    A new capability of Okular is to read ePub ebooks. The Okular developers tell me this is in the source for beta 1, but it isn’t in the provided Okular package. Please update Okular so that its ePub support can be tested by a wider audience.

  • Konjofsky

    One thing is not specified anywhere…
    is it better to try the KDE 4.1 Beta 1 packages on top of
    Kubuntu 8.04
    Kubuntu 8.04 KDE 4 Remix ?

    Which way is safer if I want avoid too much problems?

  • kwasi

    No inclusion of Step in kdeedu? does this mean its not ready yet or is it in the repo under another name?

  • Linus

    Will you keep updating the repo with the coming betas??

  • jason

    Hi nixternal,

    KDE 4.1 beta 2 is going to be tagged tomorow, i know you dont have a lot of time… but just wanted to know if beta 2 packages will be availble for kubuntu? thanks…

  • I’m an Ubuntu user, but like KDE sometimes, so I installed your stuff. Seems fun, so far.

    Was picking through y our repository, trying to install packages individually, and got this error about kwin-kde4 that others have reported. I conclude that package is not really necessary, because the install of kubuntu-kde4-desktop installs a different window manager package called kde-window-manager (4:4.0.80-0ubuntu1~hardy1~ppa13). Am I correct?

    Oh, here’s the error:

    $ sudo apt-get install kwin-kde4
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
    requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
    distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
    or been moved out of Incoming.

    Since you only requested a single operation it is extremely likely that
    the package is simply not installable and a bug report against
    that package should be filed.
    The following information may help to resolve the situation:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    kwin-kde4: Depends: libkdecorations4 but it is not going to be installed
    Depends: libkwineffects1 (>= 4:4.0.80) but it is not going to be installed
    E: Broken packages


  • vicko

    hi nixternal.

    kde 4.1 beta 2 is out.

  • Alexander


    does anyone know if extragear 4.0.83 is still part of kde4.1or do I need to look for another package ? KDE4.1 beta 2 runs nicely so far but I do not have full access to some Widgets like Desktop folder etc..

    Regards, Alexander

  • LONA

    extragear-plasma don’t exist anymore, since Beta2 you must install “kdeplasmoids” instead …

  • Level 1

    Hi nixternal, thanks for all your hard work for kubuntu and open source. In the future, could you make sure to do something when you post packages? It won’t be any harder for you.

    You placed kdepimlibs-4.0.83 on the repositories a couple days ago but not kontact-kde4-4.0.80. Why? Did you even think about it? Did you ever stop to think that one version might be incomputable with the other? kdepimlibs looks pretty, but theres really only one app that uses it, kontact, theres no reason to place one before the other.

    I’m not asking you to build packages sooner. Build them when you build them. I don’t care if it takes you a week or a month. But please, for the love of open source, pleas PLACE THEM ALL ON THE REPOSITORY AT ONCE.

    Why the hell would I use ppa’s if this is how I get treated? Sure, its not canonical supported and its beta software; I understand if it crashes because its an unfinished product; but this is woeful negligence.

  • LONA

    @Level 1:

    Beta 1:
    Thanks to >nixternalstdin< for preparing these packages.


  • LONA

    @Level 1:

    Beta 2:
    Thanks to >stdin< for preparing these packages.


  • jbernardo

    kdepimlibs seems to be used by akregator too, so that one is broken too. Well, it takes time to build all kde packages, so we should just have patience. Or roll our own… 🙂

  • Alexander


    I have installed kdeplasmoids but I still don’t get the desktopfolder plasmoid.
    Where is it ? Is anyone able to download plasmoids from the internet by clicking on the appropiate button in “ADD Widgets” ?

    Regards, Alexander

    Thanks to NIXTERNAL for the packages !!!!!!!!!

  • kronarq


    Don’t be a douche. If you don’t like what he is doing compile your own from the svn.

  • jbernardo

    Clicking the button in “Add widgets” does nothing for me too. And the desktop folder widget is missing here.

  • Just to be clear, I am not doing the Beta 2 packages, stdin is. I have been a bit busy with work and have been unable to really do much these past few weeks. The best option to relay your messages right now to stdin is to join #kubuntu-kde4 on Freenode IRC. Thanks all, and keep on rockin’!

  • Level 1

    @kronarq: I do compile my own from svn on a different account, but its nice to have packages when they are availible. I’m not asking him to do anything that is hard for him, just don’t post packages until they are ready. Theres no reason to make people’s systems unusable. No one told me that they would diliberately prevent me from accessing my email, and I now I can’t find a way to revert my packages.

  • i’m very happy to have kde 4.1 available! i’m struggling with one missing feature on which i depend heavily – khotkeys custom bindings. that is, the stuff you configure in system settings / advanced / input actions, like window activations, command launches, etc.

    my settings basically worked in kde 4.0, though sometimes i’d have to restart my session before new settings take effect. now none of the bindings work.

    i sorely miss the bindings, since that’s the way i mostly navigate between windows – much much more fluid than alt-tab or mouse. if i knew this was a kde 4.1 bug, i’d report it, but i don’t know how to tell whether it’s the kubuntu packaging or my local environment or generally present. anyone else encountering the problem?

  • i finally have submitted a bug report on the custom keyboard (khotkey) shortcuts problem.

  • Luke

    If anyone is suffering from the right click dolphin crash then you need to install libkonq5-templates.

  • PhilippeP

    Yes , I only have one audio card listed in Phonon now 🙂

  • David


  • PhilippeP

    Hi again,

    who’s going to ppackages the RC that should be released next week ??

  • Capoeira

    [help urgent]
    i updated Kde4.1beta2 today and now KDE doesnt load anymore. when trying to load KDE i get this message: Cannot open theme file @@@ToBeReplacedByDesktopBase@@@

  • stan

    edit /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc , search for ‘UseTheme’, change from ‘true’ to ‘false’ or possibly comment out.
    I’m having issues with plasma, it refuses to start, to few lines:
    stan@virus:~$ plasma
    (7238)/ checkComposite: Plasma has an argb visual 0x805b120 71303169
    (7238)/ checkComposite: Plasma is COMPOSITE-less on 0x805a9f0
    Plasma crashed, attempting to automatically recover
    KCrash: crashing… crashRecursionCounter = 2
    KCrash: Application Name = plasma path = pid = 7239
    plasma(7238): Communication problem with “plasma” , it probably crashed.
    Error message was: “org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply” : ” “Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)” ”

    Will stick with it for now, any help much appreciated. Thanks for putting all this together, great job 🙂

  • Capoeira

    wow – that was fast and good help – thanks a lot.

  • stan

    No prob, its only a workaround though, keep checking the updates, it may even be fixed already as there has been at least one update to the kde4 packages since your post. The kde4 system setting app should change this setting but check the file just in case as it could cause ‘mystery’ problems later 😉
    Can a blog maintainer delete (or trim) my post above when plasma and the theme issue are sorted please? Came across the blog when looking for a solution but I will try and find the right spot for bug reports.

  • stan

    Brain a bit slow today, the splash comes up after logging in and thats a plasmoid. Moved ~.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc out of the way and plasma started fine. Also moved ~.kde4/share/config/plasmarc but I’m pretty sure plasma-appletsrc was the one causing the trouble.

  • stan

    >i updated Kde4.1beta2 today and now KDE doesnt load anymore. when trying to load >KDE i get this message: Cannot open theme file >@@@ToBeReplacedByDesktopBase@@@

    That’s been fixed with the last update, and very nice it looks too 🙂 Apt will ask if you want to replace the kderc file if it has been modified.

  • stan

    I’m getting around a 10% increase in power usage with kde4 (with desktop effects) over 3.5 (no effects). Ok, can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs but does this seem a bit high?
    Panasonic cf-28 laptop with intel i810 graphics (‘intel’ xorg driver). Rough kde3.5 power use, 18000mw to 20000mw, kde4 (with desktop effects) 20000mw to 23000mw. This thing used to run at 16 to 17 watts with dapper and kde3.5 so I’m going to have to kill a few daemons but 10% more current with an el-poxo laptop graphics chip seems a lot, no?
    BTW 1ghz PIII with 512mb of ram (and ‘crap’ graphics chip) and kde4 with effects runs very smooth, up yours to that other OS 🙂

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  • Seo

    Thank You!!!!!

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