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I have been getting IMs lately from people I have no clue who they are because they use nicks that I haven’t ever seen before. I use Bitlbee for instant messaging and for those of you who do not know what that is, it is a gateway for IM protocols for IRC clients. I use Irssi as my IRC client which is nothing more than text, no funky pictures, silly emoticons, and such. So when someone, who is not in my list, IMs me, I can’t respond without adding them to my list, and if I do not know who you are, you will not get added to my list. So, if you could when you IM me, let me know who you are and what you want and I will go ahead and add you to my list just as soon as I can.


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  • You, sir, are an IM curmudgeon! And probably a dirty Cubs fan as well. Just sayin’.

  • beerfan

    Using an IRC client for IM is not much different than using an IM client like Pidgin for IRC. People may scoff at you but expecting others to adapt to the deficiencies of your chosen client or preferred workflow is asking a bit much.

  • I dont know if I see this particular limitation of bitlbee as a deficiency as much as it is a control, IMO. At the very least I think this is more than made up for by the ease of ssh/screen/irssi glory that I miss so much. *must* get my desktop running again so I can use it

  • Unbelievable.

  • troll

    Does not sound like very instant to me, lol

  • Ya, it isn’t instant at all, but I get tired of seeing messages from people I do not know. To prevent this using one of the GUI based clients I just don’t allow people not in my list to im me.

    @Alexander: care to elaborate what is unbelievable?

    @beerfan: let them scoff, if they don’t want to help me help them, then oh well.

    Honestly, I think I am going to end up getting rid of all of my IM crap. If people need to get in touch with me they can email me. And those that have my mobile number can call me.

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