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How do you LaTeX?

Alrighty my fellow free software brethren. I have a few questions for you concerning the use of LaTeX when writing your educational papers. I have just recently started using LaTeX because I heard all of the cool people do, and well because, it just flat out produces a much nicer paper than using a word processor. Anyways, here are my questions to those who use LaTeX:

  • When using MLA style, what kind of setup do you use?
  • What packages do you use?
  • What document classes do you use?
  • What are your tricks when doing a works cited or bibliography page?
  • Anything else you can teach me about LaTeX, using MLA and writing great papers?

I appreciate any and all help that you may have. I have ran around Google looking for answers, and it seems I am always finding a different way to do the same thing. As it stands, for my papers I have used a layout similar to the following:

\usepackage{setspace}   % simplemargins.sty
\setallmargins{1in}     %used with simplemargins.sty
% typical author, date, title block

So, if you can help me write a better paper for school, then I will buy you a drink of your choice if we ever meet. Deal? Thanks everyone!

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