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Konqueror tip of the day

Would you like to have the middle mouse button, the scroll wheel, close your tabs in Konqueror the way it does in every other browser? Well want no more! Simply copy and paste the following into your terminal (Konsole) and press enter. Restart Konqueror if it is already opened, or close Konqueror before running this command.

kwriteconfig --file konquerorrc --group "FMSettings" --key MouseMiddleClickClosesTab --type bool true
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  • One of the things that bugs me every single time I install linux (it happens so much because I mess around with VMs in my Windows a lot, besides having a proper Kubuntu partition) — and that they keep refusing adding this feature its deserved checkbox in Konqueror (were reluctant to add the feature even, because “it’s not Unixy” — I’m pretty sure I ever only want to paste somewhere where I see it, so doing this to non-anchors and other GUI elements is something I find ridiculous, but whatever floats whoever’s boat).

    It is still omitted in current KDE4 Konqueror, I wonder if the config option works there…

  • It does work in KDE 4 as well at this time. Now if that changes I don’t know. Do you have a link to a bug report where this has benied due to it being “not Unixy”? I can do some talking to the devs and see what I can find out as well.

  • Freddy Martinez

    THANK YOU!! that is the one reason I don’t use Konqueror more.

  • — okay, I didn’t search too much for it, and this did fix it for konqueror (with the mentioned hidden option), but the reasoning here I’ve seen in some other bugs before.

    Similarly Amarok refused to add MMB queuing/dequeuing because it’s paste. I don’t think I ever wanted to paste a filename onto a track on a playlist, but YMMV of course 🙂

  • Ahh, ya you found and oldy but a goody there. I would like to see the option in the GUI as well for it.

    However, I think that you need to disable the current use for the middle mouse button in Konqueror.

    Settings -> Configure Konqueror

    Go to Web Behavior on the right. Deselect (remove the check) from the Mouse Behavior section for the Middle mouse button.

  • More from where that came from:

    I once made a patch to provide a checkbox in Konqueror to enable/disable middle click to close tabs and submitted it to kfm-devel ( screenshot: Never got a reply. Later on someone pointed me to a kde-app that does that and more: So I just let the idea die…

    Anyway, afaik, middle click to close doesn’t really conflict with middle click to open URL in selection. You middle click on a tab to close it but you middle click inside the window or anywhere else on the tab bar (empty space) to open the URL in the selection. So it’s not really a big issue. More like no one was probably interested to make the changes, or at least test out the patch. (Patch not tested in KDE 4…).

  • Oh, I have no problems with the other options being there and whichever I dislike are already unset 🙂

  • Freddy Martinez

    @ Jucato.

    sudo apt-get install kde-tweak on my Gutsy machine works 🙂

  • It would bee grate to be able to switch this option over every application using tabs in kde… it’s so fast, simple and spontaneus!

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