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Konversation CTCP Flood Fix

This is just a temporary fix, as it seems there is no sendq in Konversation currently. If you were using Konversation, and were hanging out in #ubuntu on Freenode this evening, you will have noticed a couple of what I like to call e.tards decided to bring in bots and fire off a bunch of CTCP requests to users. Well, you X-Chat users and IRSSI users may not have noticed this (yes, even a better argument for me to go back to IRSSI), but people using Konversation, without some tweaks got killed by the server with an excess flood message.

No need to worry, you can continue using the great IRC client, Konversation, and continue doing so without getting those annoying CTCP requests. And is this an easy fix or what.

In Konversation, goto Settings -> Configure Konversation, and then click Ignore. This will open up the Ignore dialog. Click New, select CTCP in the checkbox below, and then for pattern type *. Click OK, and now enjoy your CTCP safety. Your setup should look similar to the image below. Click it for a larger view.

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  • Thanks, I will try it out as soon as I get home. That sure sucked getting booted last night.

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