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Tough Times

Emotions are running high right now in the Johnson family as our little Holly dog is quite ill. As of right now it seems she has congestive heart failure. Saturday she went to the doggy hospital and stayed the night in an oxygen tank. X-Rays showed she had some fluid on the outside of her lungs which was causing her to have complications with breathing. They also noted her heart was enlarged and that she had a slight murmur. We got her back on Sunday with some medication. She seemed to be doing fine on Sunday and most of the day on Monday. Last night, I stayed up in bed keeping an eye on her, and noticed she wasn’t sleeping to well, and that she got up a few times in the middle of the night. I know the medication was to relieve the fluid around her lungs and it caused her to pee a lot. So I figured she went down to use the bathroom on her favorite tile floor 🙂 Well, come to find out it was much worse than that. She had gotten sick all over downstairs. So this morning, good ol’ mom took her to the Vet in hopes they can fix our little Holly.

So, I am sure I will be pretty busy throughout today and possibly the next few days. Get well little “peepers” and come home soon! Thanks everybody for the support on IRC the past couple of days. Now I know what Jono went through recently and it sucks!

UPDATE: She stayed over night, in an oxygen tank, all tests came back good. Possible infection in her uterus, as she has never been fixed, and definitely has a bad heart. Medication will fix the breathing issue, and it seems the original medication is to blame for her spell last night. Thanks everyone for the support!

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  • My thoughts are with you dude – hang in there.

  • Thanks a lot Jono, very much appreciated!

  • Good to hear she is going to be alright

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