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My Induction for the Ubuntu HOF

Seeing as Jorge just posted on his blog, titled Induction time, I figured I would go ahead and respond to it with a blog post of my own so people will understand better.

There are many amazing teams within the Ubuntu community and all of them deserve an honourable mention. However, I feel that if there was one person to choose, that would be easy. It would be me. I have been in this community now for close to 4 years and never has anyone said thank you or congratulations. It is like I don’t even exist. I have done more work in 1 hour than the entire community has done since Ubuntu first came out, yet you don’t see my picture on the Hall of Fame. Call me conceited if you will, but I think I should be the only person on the HOF, and everyone who has an LP account needs to thank me, hell even if you don’t have an LP account you need to thank me. If it weren’t for me Mark would be broke right now. I am sitting here, unemployed, trying to find work, and people don’t care. I have done so much for this community and all I get is a free download? Ooh, free updates! Wow no virus’ to worry about. As I sit here, writing this post, I am looking into my mirror that is above my computer, looking at myself and seeing just how beautiful I really am.

With that said, Happy April Fool’s Day! So I do believe that everyone who partakes in the community, whether it is doing something like telling your friends and family about Ubuntu, or doing Kernel development, you deserve a spot in the Ubuntu Hall Of Fame. I have a lot of people I would like to recommend, however I need to choose just one at this time. As many of you know I am a part of the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team and tried to really make it as successful as possible. A lot of times I feel that I have failed in achieving this, however there was always one person who was there every time to make it work. And because of this, as well as his awesome work he is doing with the Xubuntu team, I have to choose, my good friend, Jim Campbell. Jim has been doing amazing work and really did a fantastic job with putting the Ubuntu Global Bug Jam together for Chicago. Right now he is working on getting the release party in order which means it will totally rock. Jim’s commitment to not only Ubuntu Chicago, Xubuntu, and the Ubuntu community make him eligible, but it is his commitment to excellence that really make him stand out among the crowd. He works hard and he plays hard, and is by far one of the coolest cats you could ever meet.

So as we say in the United States Navy, Bravo Zulu Jim on a job well done!

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