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Bad April Fool's Day

This year’s April Fool’s Day jokes, the ones I have come across thus far, haven’t been creative at all. Thus far reading all of the news sites, I come across the same dead April Fool’s Day horse that has been beaten for years now. Where has the creativity gone? Windows and Linux joining, rewriting the kernel in another language, Windows creating a new Linux distro, KDE and GNOME combining, KDE to use GTK, GNOME to use Qt, site and distro theme changes, and the list goes on. Typically you will always find a good one from Google, but I didn’t. The best one I have come across today was PEP-401 (thanks to Daniel Holbach for showing me this one). It was funny and fairly original, though I didn’t get caught by it. I want to get caught by a good April Fool’s Day joke, I want to go “oh damn you got me good.” Now maybe I am thinking the way I am about all of this because I knew it was April Fool’s Day the entire time, which I am thinking has a lot to do with it because I will be on my toes when reading the news. But I have a feeling others feel the same way according to the various comments I have read to some of the jokes.

Quite a few people are saying us Open Source goofballs aren’t innovative or creative, so lets get out there and prove them wrong with some good April Fool’s Day jokes ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, if you have run across a good joke, please link it in the comments please.

EDIT: I was had! Mythbuntu got me big time last night, and I had congratulated Mario on IRC, then he just told me to click on the download link. That was a great one, very professionally done, so once again Mario, congrats, you got me ๐Ÿ™‚

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