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Where is Ctrl+Alt+Backspace

So, I check my bank account about 45 minutes ago, $1 charge from iTunes. Interesting, as I don’t:

  • Use iTunes
  • Have an iTunes account

So I call my bank, they give me the phone number of the merchant. A quick Google shows me, A TON OF PEOPLE WITH THE SAME ISSUE! Luckily I got shafted a $1. There are people with anywhere from $0.99 all the way up to almost $1,000. HELLO APPLE! If someone flops down $1,000 on iTunes, wouldn’t that make you think a little bit? Maybe a little ring-a-ling of the security bell?

I canceled my card so no charges will go to it thankfully. Somehow, someone grabbed my card number and didn’t do it recently. I haven’t used my card now in like 2 months. But if it was taken prior to then, then why did it take so long for them to use it? I wonder who got hacked where I have used my card in the past?

The winner of all of this? KMyMoney2 and GnuCash, as they both showed me the charge as soon as I fired them both up. Way to go Linux apps!

Oh ya, where is Ctrl+Alt+Backspace gone? I use Intel Jorge, no shitty drivers here :p That was a joke by the way, I know where it went, and if you want it back, install Kubuntu, as we provide you the option to enable it πŸ™‚

/me runs and hides

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  • tretle

    Hmmmm… gotta hate banks… Today for instance I finally rectified an issue with a student loan in which left me paying interest which I should not have payed along with having the bank harass me through letters and phone calls since the end of last summer. The latest of which was a request for proof that I was still in college, upon providing it I recieved mail today saying I had been blacklisted and had 28 days to pay back the remainder of the loan(interest free student loan πŸ™ ). After spending literally over 40 minutes on hold I was told that there was obviously an issue with my account because according to their computer system I graduated college when I was 10 years old.
    I find it hard to believe that they couldn’t solve the issue any of the dozens of times I went in personally to get it sorted or that the computer system actually allowed them to have 10 year old graduates… With a system that good transactions of 0.001cents from accounts is probably possible and untraceablel.
    What I think is going on is that they are deliberately doing things like this to people, ripping them off and hoping that they (a)wont complain or (b) will get sick of trying to fix things or get answers and throw in a couple of threats while their at it πŸ™
    Its these kind of things, that make me sick when I think that the money I spent on taxes actually went towards bailing them out.
    Half thinking of bringing them to court.

  • Ubuntu Studio also gives the power back to the users. πŸ˜‰

    sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-controls

  • @MetalMusicAddict – That is good to know, thanks!

    @tretle – you hit the nail on the head. Not only are banks doing this, but so are credit agencies. On your report, bad credit stays for 7 years and then it is gone. Companies that had control of the credit issue are now coming back after 10+ years to people saying “Hey, you owe us $500, but if you would like right now, we could settle for $250.” I had this happen to me on an account I supposedly had in 1998 with the phone company. They said I owed like $250 and for $125 they would close it on a positive note. So I opened up my recent credit report and saw nothing of this at all. I confronted the person on the phone. While he was making up a BS story, I started Googling, and what do you know, these scamming bastards are on the rampage right now. So I hit him with it all and told him that it is illegal for him to come at me with a settlement offer when the listing is no longer on my credit report. When I pressed for his full name, address, and phone number, he stumbled. Then I played the whole, oh, here is your phone number trick and acted like I had information on him. He hung up. LOL, thank god he didn’t call my bluff πŸ™‚

  • Apparently it’s not gone, it’s just moved to a key combination that’s not so friggin easy to hit by accident: RightAlt-PrintScreen-k

    And thanks for that – I don’t know how many times I’ve hit that by mistake by using ctrl-alt-arrows to flip workspaces then hitting back space (deliberately or trying for Enter and missing) while my other hand still lingers on ctrl and alt.

  • claydoh

    I am just glad I am not the only one who has accidentally hit ctrl-alt-backspace, I don’t have to feel so embarased about it now πŸ™‚

  • To fix this just do
    sudo aptitude install dontzap
    dontzap –disable

  • in xorg.conf, section “ServerFlags” add::
    Option “DontZap” “no”

  • The first thing I did was to re-enable Crtl+alt+backspace. How could anyone live without it. LOL Thanks nixternal

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