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Where is Ctrl+Alt+Backspace

So, I check my bank account about 45 minutes ago, $1 charge from iTunes. Interesting, as I don’t:

  • Use iTunes
  • Have an iTunes account

So I call my bank, they give me the phone number of the merchant. A quick Google shows me, A TON OF PEOPLE WITH THE SAME ISSUE! Luckily I got shafted a $1. There are people with anywhere from $0.99 all the way up to almost $1,000. HELLO APPLE! If someone flops down $1,000 on iTunes, wouldn’t that make you think a little bit? Maybe a little ring-a-ling of the security bell?

I canceled my card so no charges will go to it thankfully. Somehow, someone grabbed my card number and didn’t do it recently. I haven’t used my card now in like 2 months. But if it was taken prior to then, then why did it take so long for them to use it? I wonder who got hacked where I have used my card in the past?

The winner of all of this? KMyMoney2 and GnuCash, as they both showed me the charge as soon as I fired them both up. Way to go Linux apps!

Oh ya, where is Ctrl+Alt+Backspace gone? I use Intel Jorge, no shitty drivers here :p That was a joke by the way, I know where it went, and if you want it back, install Kubuntu, as we provide you the option to enable it ๐Ÿ™‚

/me runs and hides

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