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Interrogation with Apport hooks – Qt Included

Earlier today my buddy Martin Pitt blogged about how he needed a Qt developer to work on implementing the ui_question_choice() dialog. I looked through the code a bit this morning, and needed a little help right off the bat getting the GTK version running. One little thing I missed a bug report and Martin helped […]

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GPG Transitioning

Yay, I am doing the transitioning too. So w/o further ado, welcome my new GPG key: pub 4096R/D8C44738 2009-06-06 Key fingerprint = 3578 0981 A21D D662 2A96 7623 F4C1 838C D8C4 4738 uid Richard A. Johnson <> uid Richard A. Johnson <> uid Richard A. Johnson <> uid Richard A. Johnson <> uid Richard A. […]

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Konsole Fonts

I have been using urxvt forever, and I have always loved using my Artwiz fonts with it. In Jaunty for some reason, getting the Artwiz fonts working correctly and without hogging resources was a bit of a pain. So I have decided to go back to the KDE terminal, Konsole, and actually found a really […]

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