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VirtualBox 2.1.4 with Jaunty and Guest Addons

Seems that there is an issue with VirtualBox Guest Addons and Jaunty. The VirtualBox video driver will not install with the latest release of X. So what I did was extract the .run file:

# sh VBoxLinuxAdditions-*.run --target foo

This will extract the binary file into the directory foo. Once that is done I go into the foo directory and edit the file.

# cd foo/
# vi

Instead of using vi use your preferred text editor. Next thing you want to do is search for the number 1.6. In vi, that would be /1\.6. Once you have found that, you will see something like 1.5.99.* | 1.6 ). Change the 1.6 to 1.6.0, save the changes, exit out of your text editor and then run the file:

# sudo ./

This should now go through and install the guest addons so you can have good video graphics instead of the 800×600 vesa garbage. Hope this helps people. Thanks to those on IRC who helped figure this one out.

Edit: Someone just pointed out THIS LINK to the VirtualBox forums that states the same exact thing.

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