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The title says it all. Frustration is killing me here. It kills me to see people do a review, in this case Ubuntu 6.10, and kill it, say it sucks, or it is horrible (only to get Google hits, which one site confessed to), yet a majority of the sites, who usually crank out decent reviews, give it 3 thumbs up (see, we need “Ubuntu for Everyone”, the aliens are thumbin’ up with a trio).

Then there is the term “Fanboy.” Which every person who hits up the intarweb with their elite {qwerty|dvorak|azerty}’ness, is a “Fanboy” of some type. I will admit, I am a “Fanboy” of Linux! Right now, my thing that I enjoy is Ubuntu, well Kubuntu for me since I loooove me some KDE. Anyways, I have messed around for years with distributions such as Red Hat (starting from 5x), LFS, Mandrake, SuSE (before Novell), Debian, and Slackware. Out of my favorites, it was Debian and Slackware. Ubuntu came along, and at first I didn’t like it, but I enjoyed the community and how they weren’t the typical RTFM crowd which 90% of the Linux crowd still is in a lot of ways.

I am not going to sit here and try and cram Ubuntu down your throat, I might force feed you, but there will be no cramming. I think, now this is my opinion, so feel free to leave those amazing flame comments that most of you “anonymous” people do (ya, is a big-brother site, im selling your information for peanuts), but the flaming we tend to see concerning Ubuntu stems from jealousy. Ya, I said it! There are people who dislike something because it is popular, or the “in” thing. I did the same thing with Ubuntu last year, and it wasn’t until I actually decided to give it a run. I am not a GNOME user whatsoever, and it was a GNOME version that drew me in. And then I seen where Jonathan Riddell stepped up with his blog post about a KDE version. At first that was rough, so I went with OpenSuSE and Mepis in the mean time, it wasn’t until the Dapper Flight releases that I got hooked.

So call me a “Fanboy”, as it isn’t that I only believe in the greatness of the Operating System itself, but the philosophy and the people behind the scenes that sell it for me. This isn’t to say one day something else comes along and I switch, I just promise if I do switch, it will be Linux. I understand that whole “ewww Microsoft”, and “Micro$shaft” is sh!t, but to do this within the Open Source community is nuts. Oh well, I am gonna go RTFM and STFU I guess

forget spell check, I am going to bed ๐Ÿ˜‰ <- Jono that winky is for you bud!

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