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Install and Use LESS on Dreamhost

I am working on a few websites and recently started using LESS CSS for creating my CSS. Anyways, I am using a Dreamhost shared server for not only my website, but other projects I am working on. Unfortunately with a shared server account, you don’t have access to sudo, so you can’t install applications. I […]

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Mom Finally Using Linux

Just not on the desktop yet. She went out almost 2 weeks ago now and purchased an iPhone 4 because everyone said it was the best smart phone for new users. I even recommended due to word of mouth from new users and iPhone fanatics worldwide. Boy were we wrong! Where is this amazing usability […]

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Keep The Lights On

OK, as I am sure you are all aware, the SOPA Blackout crap is upon us. Yes, I called it crap. Sites like Google and Wikipedia are planning on blacking out, but they are going to do so in a non-disruptive kind of way. They aren’t going to just blackout their website with a bunch […]

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