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Tour de Cure – Sending Diabetes OTB

Cycling 100 miles for a cause and sending diabetes Off The Back! On Sunday, June 12, 2011, I will ride for over 100 miles to help raise awareness and collect donations for the American Diabetes Association. As it currently stands I have $825 out of $1,000 in donations. A special thanks goes out to my […]

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Canonical shut down Sounder?

NO THEY DIDN’T! It seems a story is making its way around the various Linux news organizations that is blatantly misrepresented. THIS STORY is the one making its rounds. It claims that Canonical takes another step against the Community. This is totally wrong in every sense of the word wrong. Let me break it down […]

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My Kubuntu Natty Opinions

Well, I finished up installing and setting up the latest Kubuntu release, Natty Beta 2. Everything went smooth, no hiccups at all. Seems a little peppier in its step, however the main reason for installing today was because I was tired of the slowness of my last install. Nothing like installing from scratch, only to […]

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