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Looking For Small Inexpensive Linux Server

A few months back I lost my communications server to electronic death. That is part of the reason you don’t see me on IRC much and part of the reason I am desperately feening for Mutt now. I am looking to get a new server or machine that will fit the bill and that bill […]

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Homemade Cyclocross Barriers

OK, I know, this is hitting a planet or two, or three, where some of you just looked up from your basement and said, “HUH?!” As many of you know, I am somewhat into cycling and recently got a cyclocross bike. Cyclocross is like taking road cycling (you know, the type that Jens Voigt does. […]

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Download Photos From Picasa

So, I was tasked to download a bunch of images from another person’s Picasa gallery. At first this looked to be a pain in the rear, but I had noticed that on the right hand side of the person’s gallery there is an RSS feed. I quickly thought of Python with a bit of feedparser […]

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