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Vim Pathogen Taskwarrior Bundle

Just wanted to drop a quick note for those of you who use vim with pathogen.vim and task ( I created a quick github repository that you can add to your bundle list to get syntax highlighting for task data in vim. Add the following repository to your bundle: I want to keep this […]

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Kubuntu 11.10 and My JamBox

Earlier this week I was the lucky winner of one of the Phandroid Happy Holidroid Contests. The contest I won provided me the Amazon Kindle Fire, a JamBox by JawBone, a pair of Isotoner Smartouch Goves, a $30 gift certificate for the Seidio Online Store, and a zeemote bluetooth gaming controller for mobile devices. Not […]

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Review: STM Alley Laptop Bag

Disclaimer Here is a personal, unbiased, and opinionated review of the STM Alley Medium Shoulder Bag 15″ – Carbon from GearZap. I am in no way affiliated with GearZap. GearZap has not provided monetary support for this review or any advertisements, other than providing a free sample of the STM Alley laptop bag. Acceptance of […]

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