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Cross-distribution collaboration

Lucas Nussbaum has graciously setup a mailing list with the approval of the great people over at The purpose of this list is to allow all of the distributions to work together and for those working in distribution development. Lucas gave a brief example such as:

  • How do you achieve graphical boot in your distro? Do you use some kind of dependancy-based or events-based boot?
  • How do you package both ruby 1.8, ruby 1.9 and jruby, or handle KDE vs KDE4?
  • Do you use a system that gives a limited set of rights to new contributors?

So for you KDE developers who are working in distribution development and are interested in the cross-distribution collaboration, go ahead and join the list. If you would like more information on Lucas’ announcement, feel free to read it in full HERE. He also has an mbox file for download consisting of the communications he had between some of the distributions interested. Thanks Lucas!

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