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Download mIRC & get a life

Last night there were a few episodes last night on IRC in #ubuntu that needed to be taken care of. However when people would fire off the ops call, nobody was around to help out because more than likely they were out enjoying their life. Well I was given some temp ops to help manage some of the rowdiness last night and during that time I got rid of a person who decided to CTCP finger people, including myself. Well I got a DCC message which was absolutely classic. Now mind you I used mIRC for about a total of 1 year during my gaming years in like 2001. Prior to that I was using BitchX or Xchat, and after that I have been using IRSSI and Konversation. But this message was awesome!
[04/20/07][23:00:00][xxxxx] Why did you place a ban in effect ?
[04/20/07][23:00:24][nixternal] ctcp
[04/20/07][23:00:41][nixternal] that is normally a *line, but no ircops were around
[04/20/07][23:01:40][xxxxx] u know thats a feature with the mIRC so... if someone is exploring a irc client wtf it matter blocxked neway
[04/20/07][23:09:04][xxxxx] what u didnt know that?!? hah u prolly dloading mIRC now to find it huh. hah get a life

Well I downloaded mIRC, now I guess I have to get a life ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyone hanging out in Chicago this weekend?

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