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Download mIRC & get a life

Last night there were a few episodes last night on IRC in #ubuntu that needed to be taken care of. However when people would fire off the ops call, nobody was around to help out because more than likely they were out enjoying their life. Well I was given some temp ops to help manage some of the rowdiness last night and during that time I got rid of a person who decided to CTCP finger people, including myself. Well I got a DCC message which was absolutely classic. Now mind you I used mIRC for about a total of 1 year during my gaming years in like 2001. Prior to that I was using BitchX or Xchat, and after that I have been using IRSSI and Konversation. But this message was awesome!
[04/20/07][23:00:00][xxxxx] Why did you place a ban in effect ?
[04/20/07][23:00:24][nixternal] ctcp
[04/20/07][23:00:41][nixternal] that is normally a *line, but no ircops were around
[04/20/07][23:01:40][xxxxx] u know thats a feature with the mIRC so... if someone is exploring a irc client wtf it matter blocxked neway
[04/20/07][23:09:04][xxxxx] what u didnt know that?!? hah u prolly dloading mIRC now to find it huh. hah get a life

Well I downloaded mIRC, now I guess I have to get a life ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyone hanging out in Chicago this weekend?

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  • You banned someone for CTCP FINGER? Talk about being a channel Nazi.

  • when they do many people on a channel, then yes it deserves a ban.

  • Yacin

    You should’ve banned him just on the grounds of being 13.

  • haha! I think 13 might be to old ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mpt

    mIRC is to IRC as Internet Explorer is (or was) to the Web. Windows-only, closed-source, proprietary extensions, hair-raising security … and widespread ignorance, amongst its users, of the existence of any other clients.

  • haha, nice! I will give mIRC the easy scripting language they have included, other than that…..fill_in_the_blank ๐Ÿ™‚

  • JanC

    I think banning someone for doing this is quite extreme, if it was the first time he/she did that… (It’s annoying, but not harming anyone AFAIK.)

  • I wasn’t the first, and the banning is not the main part of the story. He/She did this multiple times to multiple people. Now if he would have just happen to hit one of the IRC Operators with CTCP/DCC, he/she would have received a network ban.

    The moral of the story was how hilarious this person was accusing me of not knowing what mIRC is and that I was downloading it.

  • JoshuaXiong

    How is that going to help when you just ban the person? They can still keep on doing noob. If their client support the if banned then nicklist is not clear

    What happen in the channel stay in the channel. Ctcp doesn’t go to the channel unless /ctcp #Channel finger
    when they do many people on a channel, then yes it deserves a ban.

  • try senghay

    I am the first ,
    how can i use Mirc on ubuntu????
    thank u,,,

  • eaglesflyhigh

    good day guys
    i just installed ubuntu and i dont have some apps. working on it …etc …mirc ,yahoo,msn and some other apps.
    before i used win xp…. reply me via email.

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