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Fry's Electronics Funnies

The other day I met a friend of mine who is in from Austin for dinner. We are LUG buds, so after a typical LUG meeting we would crash the local Fry’s Electronics. Well, the other night when we crashed Fry’s Electronics, we ran into 2 funny things there.

Ajax leads to depression

Yes, programming Ajax will lead to depression!

USB Humping

Yes, this little dog will do it to your USB port, not your leg!

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  • I have one of those USB humping dogs, my mother (of all people!) thought it was something that would make me chuckle…she was right, but it started to get annoying quite quickly!

  • Freddy

    AJAX is known to cause depression in people from the ages 18-27

  • Another thing I find funny is the “Depression for Dummies” title. Ummm, don’t you think calling a depressed person a dummy will only make it worse?

  • nasrullah

    where I can get these books…..please e-mail me
    thank you

  • mishehu

    Actually, isn’t AJAX known to be depressing to everybody, not just 18-27 year olds? Those folks who only think it’s a cleansing product are privileged 😉

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