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Well after Matthew East decided he would freshen up his blog a few weeks back, I decided I would do the same. I started with the Freshy template by Jide. I didn’t need the buttons so I removed all of that, changed up the sidebar to my liking, and of course added a beautiful panoramic picture of the Chicago skyline thanks to Mert Dikmen (BasinStreet). With the permission from Mert to not only use his image, but also do a little modification to it, take a look at a few buildings in from the left. Check out the lights in that building, anyone see what it is? I need to do some silly CSS hacks to satisfy those who stumble across the blog with a subpar browser such as Internet Explorer, I don’t have to listen to them whine about it not looking correct 100%.

So thanks to Matthew East for the motivation, Jide for a killer WordPress template, and Mert Dikmen with the best panoramic images of the Chicago skyline. Mert has another skyline image with the Shed Aquarium that is out of this world. I may switch to it some day, or setup the header to automatically switch the image each time.

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