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Oh Crap!

You’ve got to be kidding me: During my first session, the PS/2 mouse I’m using locked up, and I intuitively went for the Ctrl-Alt-Delete smartbomb. Nothing. Whatever your feelings about Task Manager, asking Windows users to do without an “oh crap” screen at Ctrl-Alt-Delete is unreasonable. That’s about as fundamental a comfort blanket as most of us have, and certainly a fair concession if the Linux community expects Microsoft users to switch.

Absolutely hilarious. I found this quote in this great review of a first time user of Ubuntu, and he says he is a non-techy. He installed Ubuntu on an older Compaq desktop, which admittedly I have had similar issues as he states with almost the same exact computer, however it isn’t an Ubuntu thing, because if I remember I tried SuSE back in the days as well as Debian and Slackware with the one I had. Anyways, he gives it a fair shake, and even though he had some minor quirks here and there, he seemed to fix them and get the system working. The lack of a Ctrl+Alt+Del, or a “Oh Crap” way out of a crash, yielded the opening comment, which I think was great.

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  • LT

    I just love ctrl+alt+backspace, I use it in those ‘oh crap’ moments. Especially if Wine crashed on me and hangs most of the computer.

    I guess you could map something to ctrl+alt+delete, might give some new users some comfort.

  • link141

    KDE has thing called ksysguard (which is exactly like the windows task manager) that can be called using the ctrl+esc key-combo, in Kubuntu (might work in Ubuntu). You can also press “ctrl+alt+esc” to get a skull cursor, and kill any windows that are causing your system to crap out (works in both Kubuntu and Ubuntu I believe…). A lot of people probably don’t know this because linux hardly crashes :p. LT: I also used the ctrl+alt+backspace combo when wine locks my system :).

    Sorry for my poor writing, I’m really tired…

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