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PC World Recognition

I was actually surprised to run across an article from PC World, which is mostly a Microsoft information site, post an article about dual booting Windows XP and Ubuntu on a PC. The article, like many other articles from PC World was well written and easy to follow. A lot of good information for those of you wanting to install Ubuntu without killing Windows on your machine.

You know Ubuntu is on its way when you read articles from big time PC news sources (at least PC World is pretty popular in the US). I know they have written Linux and Ubuntu articles in the past, but actually writing a how to is new to me from them.

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  • Speaking of which, would you mind giving me an e-mail at I’m Brian Boyko – I’m a freelance tech writer, and I’m working on a story which will most likely be published by HardOCP – and it has to do with Ubuntu Linux. I would actually like to get an e-mail or phone interview with Ubuntu distro experts to better understand the story in context. If you could get in contact with me, I’d like to start some interviews.

    — Brian Boyko
    — Editor, Network Performance Daily.

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