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RE: Learning Linux

This is just a quick blog post in reply to Andrew Cowie’s post about Learning Linux.

Andrew posted a great book by O’Reilly for beginners all about Running Linux. Like Andrew I would also recommend another O’Reilly published book that might be a tad to much for some beginners, however it will teach beginners the behind the scenes of the Linux OS, and prepare them for the LPIC Linux Certification. The book is exactly that, LPI Linux Certification In A Nutshell.

This book is command line intensive, however I think learning and knowing your way around the command line, the major commands, and configuration files as well as directory structure is something every user should know. Not only does it make you a better Linux user, but it definitely makes your life easier, and of course makes you smarter, possibly even smart enough to earn that illustrious LPI Linux Certification. Oh, and you can pick the book up for around $20 nowadays.

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  • I have ExamCram2 LPIC I on the shelf next to my LCD. It’s handy now and again — but usually I forget about it, as Google is my habitual first resort.


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