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Revisiting urxvt

Back in the day, way back in the day, I was a huge rxvt and aterm fan. Tonight, while being bored, I fired up my old Debian Potato desktop (ahh the good ‘ol days), and started playing around. I have to admit, even though KDE was ancient, and my setup was old, it still looked good. With the PC being an old Pentium 133 with a whopping 64MB of RAM, and no Internet connection, there was no way I was going to play around with trying to get a screen shot. So after some tweaking this is what I got so far:

urxvt screenshot

Not to shabby. I must admit, I like this old look and will keep it for a while and see if it wears thin on me or not.

Interested in a similar effect? Here is my ~/.Xdefaults file:

URxvt.termName: rxvt
URxvt.transparent: true
URxvt.inheritPixmap: false
URxvt.scrollBar: false
URxvt.savelines: 1000
URxvt.urlLauncher: firefox
URxvt.cursorBlink: true
URxvt.geometry: 93x26
URxvt.fading: 25%
urxvt.font: xft:Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:pixelsize=10
urxvt.boldfont: xft:Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:bold:pixelsize=10
urxvt.depth: 32
urxvt.background: rgba:0000/0000/0000/dddd
URxvt.foreground: grey80
URxvt.tintColor: #262626
URxvt.borderLess: true
URxvt.borderColor: #888888
*foreground:     rgba:0000/0000/0000/dddd
*background:     rgb:10/10/10
*color0:         rgb:20/20/20
*color8:         rgb:75/77/73
*color1:         rgb:cc/00/00
*color9:         rgb:ef/29/29
*color2:         rgb:4e/9a/06
*color10:        rgb:8a/e2/34
*color3:         rgb:c4/a0/00
*color11:        rgb:fc/e9/4f
*color4:         rgb:34/65/a4
*color12:        rgb:72/9f/cf
*color5:         rgb:75/50/7b
*color13:        rgb:ad/7f/a8
*color6:         rgb:06/98/9a
*color14:        rgb:34/e2/e2
*color7:         rgb:d3/d7/cf
*color15:        rgb:ee/ee/ec
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