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Kubuntu Plymouth Theme

Tonight I quickly threw together a Plymouth theme for Kubuntu. I borrowed the ubuntu-logo theme and edited it to fit Kubuntu better by changing the background colors, the color of the progress dots, and added a glowing Kubuntu logo. The logo is temporary as we await our new branding logos. As soon as we get […]

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String Freeze Is In Effect

Ahh, my favorite time of the release, Documentation String Freeze. With every release, us Kubuntu folks seem to struggle a bit, but this time, we have done pretty damn good. We did a complete rewrite of our documentation, getting rid of the old KDE3 documentation. And after doing that, I am just extending the freeze […]

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AWESOME! This definitely shows that the Kubuntu community has grown over the past couple of years, even among the complaints, we seem to be succeeding, and this makes me super happy. Just over a week ago, I decided that we were going to totally wipe out the current set of Kubuntu documentation and start from […]

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