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Kubuntu DocBook/XML 101

So, you keep hearing me talk about contributing to Kubuntu documentation, and you see that I say it would be nice for you to have some DocBook/XML experience. Many people want to help, but they don’t have that experience. In most cases, the people interested at least understand HTML or some other markup language a […]

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Kubuntu Documentation Needs Help

Here is the email I sent to the Ubuntu Documenation Project’s mailing list today: Currently we over in the Kubuntu world are completely rewriting the system documentation. Why you ask? Because the old documentation was just that, old. It contained information from the KDE 3.5 days. The reason for this is because for the past […]

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Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Beta Released: Everyone Needed!

Yes, I know I stole the idea of the title from Jono Bacon, however, unlike Ubuntu who supposedly only needs testers right now, Kubuntu needs all of you! Of course, quite a bit of the work left to do is testing and fixing, we can use many of you to show your support in #kubuntu, […]

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