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Myth of the blue-headed step children

I have been reading quite a few blog post comments these days just to get a feel for what people think about Kubuntu, KDE, and the other KDE distros. The comment I see the most is something along the lines of “Kubuntu’s KDE is garbage while distro x’s KDE rocks!” And then there is my […]

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Take off and land safely with KDE

Oh lord that was corny. Any ways, it isn’t about taking off and landing safely, but it is about saving some of that important Lithium Ion juice while you are in flight. That’s right, I have hacked together a little system tray applet that will allow you to enable or disable the power of your […]

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Get In Where You Fit In

I forget where that title name comes from, but I think it suits my current mood and post. Over the past few months I have been rather quiet around here due to various reasons. Plain and simple, I was shit on months back and I haven’t overcome the hurt I received from this. I was […]

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