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Kubuntu QA Feedback Part Two

Yesterday I did a quick, well not so quick, post on some new tasks concerning Kubuntu QA and Feedback. I created a very crude plasmoid that would connect to a web survey so people could provide feedback during the development cycle. The first revision of this plasmoid had a hardcoded URL to the survey in […]

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Kubuntu QA and Feedback

Yesterday I decided that I would start tackling the QA side of things on the Todo List for Kubuntu Karmic. So with that I will be creating a QA policy for Kubuntu, which I am sure I build off of the current policies and guidelines for Ubuntu and other distros, since the work is already […]

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Kubuntu and Apport love

So, I decided to take all of the Apport related TODO items the other day and I am almost complete with all of them. Today I ported apport-qt to apport-kde, which means went from PyQt4 to PyKDE4 loveliness. Spent some time testing it and working out the bugs and I think it is good thus […]

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