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Wear these…

…and READ THIS. Just so everyone knows, the quote by Mark Shuttleworth was horribly used and misrepresented by the so-called writer. Also bare in mind that the owner of this website is Ziff Davis, which just happens to receive gobs of money from Microsoft for advertising and providing reviews on their products with a high […]

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Yesterday the announcement…

…and today this image. Yesterday Linspire announced their deal with Microsoft. Of course which many of you know, but today I wanted to read their forums to see what people had to say, and on my way in I saw that image. I truthfully find it distasteful, as I am sure you probably know why. […]

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Oh Kevin!

So, the next time one of you distros talk to the devil himself, Steve Ballmer, tell him I said to kiss my free arse! So Kevin, did you tell him? Everyone who commented in my post about GPLv3…The death of Linux, we were right!!! It seems that Linspire struck up a deal with the devil. […]

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