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Upcoming week in review

This weekend, April 4th and 5th, is the annual Flourish Conference, a decent sized free software conference held at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This years guest speakers include Bruce Perens, John ‘Maddog’ Hall, James Bottomley, Brian Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman, and me of course, plus many more. Some of the events being held include […]

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Interesting Observations

Today I was tasked with fixing my buddy Matt’s computer. Matt is what you would call the average computer user. He uses his computer to surf the web, communicate via email, chat with friends, play some games, listen to music, watch some movies (probably pr0n), and get infected with viruses. After working on this computer […]

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Opening an Access DB

I am currently working on a DB API for a Java application, and one of the requests was to be able to query Microsoft Access Databases. OK, no problem I thought. I could easily open up these databases with Database or even Kexi. WRONG! Neither of them would open or even import the database. […]

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