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Can I patent this?

It seems Microsoft is up to their old bag of tricks again. This time stating Linux is violating more than 200 patents. Since Microsoft can’t beat Open Source in a popularity or software battle, they do what they do best, SUE! But who are they going to sue? It seems the kernel violates a ton […]

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Windows update

OK, a couple posts down I made light of the Windows vulnerability that is aimed at the animated cursors was fixed just a few hours after my post. Well so we thought. It seems the fix broke Windows XP SP2 systems. If you have Realtek HD Audio then you stand a good chance of not […]

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Yet another…

…Microsoft Funny What happened to the days of super smart hackers, writing code to infiltrate your libraries, overflow your buffers, and hijack your sessions? Remember hackers using nothing more than tty1-6, no need for a GUI? Well that has all changed…Welcome Microsoft Windows Vista! MICROSOFT plans to patch a security hole in Windows related to […]

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