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The Weekend Is Here

Yeeeeehaaaaw (I bet imbrandon does this every day!).

This weekend will be a busy one. Tomorrow is my nephews birthday party, so I have to go and spend a little time there, and then Sunday is the College of DuPage Linux User’s Group “Linux Fest.” It seems I will be taking over the presidency of the club since our current president is moving to New Zealand. I know NZ has a killer LUG, but man did you have to leave us just for that? 🙂

I am currently working on some topic based help system for Kubuntu. So far all I have done was mock-up what it “might” look like as a front page to KHelpCenter for the Feisty release. I am also working on adding some content to the Edubuntu Handbook (look 2 posts down).

I have already started my weekend work, which will be busy and fun. I started by making my blog here validate, thanks to Ms. Grabow for teaching me the ins-and-outs of HTML and CSS the correct way, and not the typical hackish way I have done for years.

NOTE: If you are interested in coming out to the CoDLUG event on Sunday (10am-4pm Chicago time), email me for details.

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