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Ubuntu Cycling

How many cyclists do we have in the house? Did you know there was an Ubuntu Cyclists Team? We are made up from a few hipsters, you know those silly kids who roll up their pant legs, wear funny colored shoes, and those silly cycling caps, similar to the one I am wearing in my Planet Ubuntu hackergotchi, and ride a bike called a fixie. There are some that are leisure riders or commuters, and then there is me, the road cyclist who loves when his legs bleed in pain. I know there is another one, as you had your bike at UDS in Mt. View. Can’t remember the make, it was white though. You had that leg shaver look about you as well. I think Tony Yarusso is also a road cyclist as well, which I have been meaning to make my way up to him and do some riding this summer.

I am looking for more cyclists in our community, and if you fall into this category, hang out with us on #ubuntu-cyclists on IRC (Freenode). I am looking for some road cyclists in or around the Chicagoland area. Tonight I am going out on a training group ride in almost 100°F temperatures. Tonight is attack of the hills out in the western suburbs of Chicago. I am currently planning on entering some Cat 5 races this summer.

So, if you are a cyclist, use Ubuntu, come and join us. I would love to see Mark Shuttleworth, Mr. Athlete himself, get into it and lets create a real licensed and sponsored Team Ubuntu! It would be about the only non-blank cycling jersey I would wear 🙂

Come on Mark, I saw you running at Mt. View. You passed us twice, and then the third time you came up with a whole tray of Starbucks, impressive 🙂

Cycling also prevents burnout, right Jono?

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