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Ubuntu Open Week Part 1

Well, I gave my little talk today for the Ubuntu Open Week on the Ubuntu Documentation Project. The talk actually went quite quick, just under 30 minutes. However, even though I had a 1 hour time slot, it was still filled with some really great questions from Monika, Samgee, and Ryanaka. To see my little talk that I wrote up as well as the questions asked, take a look at the wiki page. The log file will not be much different than that, except for a couple of Addons I did. I am sure those will be posted shortly and accessable via the Open Week wiki page. Thanks to everyone who participated! Tomorrow I will be giving another talk on Creating a LoCo Team for those who are interested. Check out Open Week page for more information.

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  • Jim Campbell

    great job today, rich. you were really well prepared, and went through the doc stuff in a really clear way.

    i was at work, (and was asked to help out at the last minute in my own session), so i didn’t get to follow all of your talk . . . i’ll be sure to check out the log of it, though.

  • Same to you Jim, you guys rocked out the Xubuntu talk. I have to prepare for tomorrows “Creating a LoCo Team” talk yet. I don’t even know how I want to run it just yet.

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