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Ubuntu, the Cure-All

Just think, if a person was using Ubuntu, in my case Kubuntu (should be everyone’s case as well), there would be reason for the following:

Corny some might call it (probably everyone will call it corny), but i had fun reading Keepers of the Lists tonight after my hacker buddy RJ (not AJ), introduced me to the site. How about a list for “Reasons why your dog couldn’t eat your homework”, oh, because you did it with Edubuntu!

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  • Lure

    Which keys do not work for you yet? Is this a laptop or multimedia keyboard? Please submit a bug or ping me on IRC…

  • I’m sorry but why should *K*ubuntu be the case for everyone? I’m a Ubuntu user who always thought “for everybody the DE they prefer”. I must say, after I recently installed Kubuntu for a friend who had been using Knoppix up until then and was thus used to KDE, I was pretty appalled by it: even the most simple tasks where much more complicated than in Ubuntu. So, please, use KDE if that is what works for you — but don’t force it on everybody else. I (and others) are not doing it with GNOME, either.

  • Lure: Using the Logitech Cordless Access Keyboard, The only keys that work are the E-Mail, Mute, Volume, and My Home. This means that Sleep, Messanger/SMS, Webcam, Media, and Search do not work.

    Raphael: Of course everyone should go with the DE they prefer. What I did was called joking around, having fun with the post. As you can see, that post was far from serious. I have been using KDE since day one, 10 years ago. What you say about KDE being more difficult than GNOME, us KDE users say the same thing about GNOME being more difficult.

  • Okay, sorry then. English isn’t my first language, so I probably just didn’t get the humour. I did not mean any offense.

  • That is quite alright Raphael, English is my first language, and I don’t get half of it either, so don’t feel bad. And from your responses, I would say your English is pretty good! Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ˜‰

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