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Earth Hour 2009

It is that time of year again where many people from around the world participate in what is known as Earth Hour. Earth Hour is one hour where people from around the world have the opportunity to switch off their lights for 1 hour. This year though, you will get the chance to vote for either Earth or Global Warming. Flipping your light switch off for 1 hour is a vote for Earth, and leaving it on is a vote for Global Warming. When does this occur? It happens between 8:30 PM and 9:30PM your time for 1 hour.

In may part I plan on not only shutting off my lights, but also my computers, websites, and all electrical equipment in the house. I figure for 1 hour I will chill around a candle and maybe read a book.

Thanks to Brian Clark from GNOME, he has brought to my attention as well as to the attention of Planet GNOME readers, that there is an Earth Hour plugin for WordPress. I have already installed on my blog here and I think it would be cool if those of you with a WordPress blog showed your support and did the same. It doesn’t shut your sight off for an hour, but during that hour it displays a custom page showing your support. Pretty cool!


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  • EvilPersonIGuess

    All of recorded human history has occurred during this current period of global warming we refer to as the Holocene. Matching the track record of doomsayers over the past 40 or so years up to this point (hey, wasn’t 25% of the US population supposed to have HIV by now? Wasn’t our population supposed to be unsustainable and starving one billion people ago? Aren’t we supposed to be in global cooling? Out of oil? Destroyed by nuclear war? Buried under garbage? Over run by souless crack babies and three million homeless? No, wait, the ozone hole was going to expose us all to cancer…) with how badly we appeared to have fared during the Earth’s more common glacial periods… I’ll be voting for Global Warming, thank you very much. Thanks for the heads up.

  • exit91

    Thank you for informing us, I also want to participate 🙂

    EvilPersonIGuess: Funny argumentation 🙂 doom di doom di doom di da …

  • Ok, it’s nice when people think a bit more about the power consumption and I guess such a PR Stunt as the Earth Hour could bring some people to think about if all their devices are really needed and to be running all the time and stuff.

    BUT imho switching of all power consuming devices at the same time can bring BIG troubles to a power grid (if really a lot of people would do that…). Not even less problematic the point of time when everybody is switching back on the stuff after an hour…

    In a worst case scenario this could lead to a black out, and also bringing up a shut down power plant again will cost some energy, which wouldn’t be needed otherwise — a lot of energy savings would be destroyed by that.

    On the other hand I am really not frightened of this day and hour — there won’t be enough participants in such an event anyways…

  • Stupid idea. Can you even imagine what will happen to your town electricity generators if a lot of people simultaneously turn of or turn off light? Stupid, stupid people…

  • Cyrille Berger

    As much as I like any action to limit global warming, I am rather skeptical on replacing light by a candle, even for reading when you obviously don’t need as much lightning than for other kind of activity. But how does it compares to a small light low-energy bubble or leds ? I haven’t been able to find a study about this (that study should take into accound manufacturing cost (which are high for the candle, and also high for the bubble when you consider electricity production)). Of course, you lose the symbol of stopping use of electricity, but strictly sticking to a symbol and do something that goes in the opposite direction would be silly 🙂

  • Yosef

    I’m not so worried about the generators, because electric companies are aware of earth-hours and are standing by to shut off fast-response sources such as gas turbines.

    However, please consider helping the earth by reading in the light of a compact fluorescent lightbulb, and here’s why:
    Paraffin wax candle would burn through 9-10 grams of paraffin in one hour, for 42 kJ/g (kilo-joules per gram), costing 420 kJ of fossil energy per one reading hour. The CFL will burn 20 Watts (Jouls per second) for 3600 seconds, costing only 72 kJ – mostly fossil too.

    CFLs are *better* to earth than candles, due to their low heat output – conversion of energy to light is more efficient than in a flame.

  • It is very nice idea to save the energy globally, but we should try to save energy more often than once a year for one hour. I was thinking about it..what will happen if a lot of people simultaneously turn off or turn on light. I think that it could take more energy than was saved. Anyway we should try to save energy more often, every time when it is possible…

  • me

    ‘It doesn’t shut your sight off for an hour,’

    No, it better not make me blind for an hour 🙂

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  • Interesting. Seems there are a few of you with concerns over what will happen to the power grid. Don’t know about where you live, but here the power company and the municipalities are all promoting earth hour and statements from our power company state that it does 0 damage and actually does conserve energy.

    @Yosef – thanks for that heads up on the candle, I will in turn just use a small LED light that I typically use during power outages. Actually, all but 2 of my lights in this house are LED, so my lighting is actually not the hog.

  • John

    @Yosef: Just what I was thinking. The obvious alternative is not always the better alternative. People need to do more than just react to global warming, they need to THINK about it. Are solutions without thought really solutions?

  • This year though, you will get the chance to vote for either Earth or Global Warming. Flipping your light switch off for 1 hour is a vote for Earth, and leaving it on is a vote for Global Warming.

    So “you’re either with us, or against us”, as if there were no middle ground. But there is a middle ground. It’s ridiculous, I’m not in favor of global warming but I don’t think Earth Hour is going to solve anything. What’s the meaning of switching off the light for merely one hour in a year?

    I try to be conscious about my energy consumption, I try to avoid using a car, I try to buy hardware and electronics with low energy consumption. That’s a lot more meaningful than switching the light off for one hour and then apparently forgetting about energy consumption for the rest of the year.

  • It was a beautiful event to see everyone participate in showing we care about energy. Use solar energy with products through

  • that’s why I’m going with the TurdHour® guys this year. I’m organising everyone in my street to be using my toilet, I’m going to have the flush button taped down for the whole hour!

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