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Remember The Milk Google Gadget Plasmoid

Just wanted to drop a quick post about a really quick coding project (ie. 5 minutes) to incorporate a very simple Remember The Milk plasmoid for KDE 4.2.x. I utilized the Google Gadget GTalk code and just very easily implemented the RTM gadget. It works well, it just doesn’t have all of the functionality of other RTM clients. There is a full-blown RTM plasmoid coming soon, but I couldn’t wait and needed something right now.

So if you are interested in using it, you can get the tarball over at, or if you need Kubuntu installs, both Intrepid and Jaunty, hit up my PPA.


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  • astratto

    Nice plasmoid, thanks.

    Btw, you wrote plasma-widget-remeberthemilk, you missed a ‘m’ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • just a question: is it possible to open external links in konqueror or firefox?
    i didn’t tryed this plasmoid but the google talk one so I suppose it is the same…
    if someone send me a link and I click on it, it must be opened in a different window

  • Jonas

    Nice plasmoid, thanks!

    Well, it was nice after I convinced it that my username and password were valid…it was a bit picky about the input fields.

  • aa

    Very awesome

  • @astratto – thanks for pointing that one out. I just uploaded a fix to my PPA for that.

    @Dass – I don’t know, haven’t tried to be honest. Maybe someone else can better answer that question though.

    @Jonas – Thanks! You aren’t the only one who said it was a bit picky, someone on IRC stated that they couldn’t even input their password and that it would jump back to the username. I don’t think that is anything I can really fix. I am trying to figure out now how to incorporate a UI for username and password so it will save them in KWallet so you don’t have to keep typing them in.

    @aa – Thanks!

  • @nixternal

    If you have some code that parses the rtm site for the username/password field, then enters that data from some strings, then submits it, I would love to use the code in my rememberthemilk applet. Currently I’m opening a login window to the site using QWebKit, which is less than perfect.

  • @Andrew Stromme – What about doing the applet with Python? There are some really good Python API stuff for Remember The Milk. I would figure they would have had a C/C++ API, but I didn’t see it when I just looked for it. If I figure something out I will let you know. Can’t wait for your applet, that’s for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @nixternal

    I ended up creating librtm because I wasn’t happy with their C api (it was very low level, I wanted something more Qt-like). I don’t know what their python api looks like, but if it’s similar to the C api I would rather have a object oriented library. librtm (in kde playground/libs) supports most of the things that the site does, and as a bonus it should make it easier in the future to create more rtm-based services (kioslave? akonadi resource?) for kde.

  • Ben

    Very handy applet – just what I was looking for! Thanks a lot!

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