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I Ran So Far Away

<- That should definitely be the logo:”Flock(For all you young hipsters, that is the hairdo of Mike Score from the Flock of Seagulls)”:! I am posting this right now from the Flock web browser. I have been playing with Flock for a few days right now, and I think it is pretty darn cool. Now, it all depends on if this post works or not of course, so this is a test.

If you download and install flock, you can definitely see the close resemblance to Firefox. Artwork and layout are just a tad bit different, but the included little scripts are pretty neat. If you aren’t aware of this just yet, Flock calls itself the “Social Web Browser,” as it allows you to post to many different social sites right from the browser itself. Here are just a few of the sites:

  • WordPress
  • MySpace (I know you Ubuntu developers hide on MySpace)
  • Flickr

There is of course a lot more to it, but I am trying to learn some of the stuff. I enjoy the fact it is of course OSS, and it seems pretty darn stable and responsive. I even notice it load quicker than Firefox and operate quicker as well.

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