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Green Eggs and Tons of SPAM

I am ashamed to actually say that I am from the state of Illinois, in the United States. Why? Because people in the United States currently live in a society where child predators roam the land freely, yet a company whose number one job is to prevent all of us from receiving SPAM is ordered by our court system to shutdown its domain. It seems that going after a company, for one that doesn’t even reside in the United States, because it did its job, is more important than defending our children. As it seems to me as well, I think our government puts in more work alienating other countries, then it does actually providing their own citizens the services they promised to carry on. I have an idea you dumb arse government of mine, why don’t you go after crooked politicians. Oh, I am sorry, this would take up all of the court systems time and you wouldn’t be able to go after some other country.

“Judge Kocoras is in his 70s and probably signed whatever was put in front of him” – Steve Linford, CEO The Spamhaus Project

Spamhaus, a company from the UK, blacklisted e360 Insight LLC. e360 Insight is a mass-mailing-marketing agency. In other words they are a SPAMMER. The great state of Illinois, in Chicago at that, actually went against Spamhaus and slapped them with a $11,715,000 punitive damages suit. Spamhaus pretty much told the court to piss off and didn’t pay up. I don’t blame them, how could a US court tell a company that isn’t even in the US what to do? I am sick of this “we are the leaders of the free world” crap, it has to stop at a certain point, and we need to realize we don’t have to own everything and rule everything.

Right now, the big things going on in the United States is of course ex-Rep. Foley and his sexually charged emails to his male teenage Pages. The other big story is closing the border to Mexico. You know what, if I was the congress, instead of spending all of that money to build a fence, how about setting up schools at the border and teaching the people crossing just how stupid we really are. Maybe they will go, “no way Jose,” and turn around in a hurry!I wonder if the stupidity of our judicial system and our government have to do anything with our GDP falling? I mean, maybe we can piss off more countries, and then just maybe, they will stop purchasing from us. I can’t wait for the day other countries tell Walmart, McDonalds, and others to piss off and kick rocks! The US is a hypocrisy not a democracy.

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  • I’m disappointed by this ignorant rant. It’s easy to call something ridiculous on the face of it, but without looking into the details at all you’re easily misled.

    I don’t agree with the fence, nor do I like the judgement on the spam case. But it appears the fault lies entirely at the foot of Spamhaus, which acted inconsistently and, basically, screwed the pooch on this. The founder, by insulting the Judge based on his age, goes to show himself as a fool. “Straw Man” arguments and baseless insults are used when a person has no real excuse or defense for his behavior.

    I suggest a good dose of maturity and rational thought before the next tirade along these lines.

  • I wouldn’t call the rant ignorant, but you have every right to. Seeing as I have followed this case, only because I am within 30 minutes of the court house, the rationality was there. The company being accused of the spamming, e360 is a garbage company and known to those of us in the IT world here in Chicago. I think what Steven said about the judge is pretty much true. You can research the history of the judge and see his pathetic past on similar cases. Oh, and with this being my personal blog, I think I have the right to say anything I want, as I do believe this is a local for me to express my opinions if I am not mistaken? Thanks though for the comment/criticism, but regardless, this country is going to hell in a hand-basket, and rather quickly at that. I served 8 years proudly, and now for what? Maybe this is what angers me and fuels my so called “tirade”.


    We do not object to use of this slang term to describe UCE, although we do object to the use of the word “spam” as a trademark and to the use of our product image in association with that term. Also, if the term is to be used, it should be used in all lower-case letters to distinguish it from our trademark SPAM, which should be used with all uppercase letters.

    You’re not talking about the meat! Please use lower case. It’s not an acronym.

  • OK, I just told you on IRC I didn’t want this to sound sarcastic, because it isn’t…Just having some fun here.

    The reason I did that, was because I came across that link while doing some research earlier on Wikipedia about “spam” and the different cases and laws that have been imposed. I seen that the actual company who makes one of my favorite “processed meat” products is upset about the whole thing. Me, being a nobody really just wanted to be a jerk and do that.

    Now the fact you provided that link to me is even funnier, as you and I should both be working on some doc work right now instead of messing with this Cadillac of a blog made by such a Mickey Mouse!

  • I think the largest issue with your argument is the fact you speciously introduce the whole “child predator” issue.

    I seems like you’re trolling.

  • You are correct, as that was probably a very bad analogy, but it has just been something in the news a lot lately. No need for trolling here, as I could care less if anyone reads this blog or visits.

  • well, I got here through Planet Ubuntu. You’re certainly right, it’s your blog and you’re free to express your opinions. Thank you for taking my comments as they were intended, and not just responding angrily.

    I do know that e360 is a garbage company, and think they should be put out of business, possibly even going to jail.

    I don’t know the history of the judge, so I’ll take your word on that. However, I wish that context was included with Steven’s quote, instead of the misleading “is in his 70s” as if that has anything to do with anything.

    Scott hit on probably the thing that caused me to actually comment, which was the specious use of the “child predator” term – but you’ve already admittedc that was a bad analogy.

    Anyways, enough on that. Thanks for your work on Ubuntu (whatever it is you do 😛 ). Sorry for my overbearing, presumptive tone earlier (as I re-read my comment now).


  • me

    >how could a US court tell a company that isn’t even in the US what to do?

    how? its called free trade and globalization. any court in any country that participates in ‘free trade’ can file suit on a company that does business there.

    do you actually understand the things you rant about? geesh.

  • Actually, you are wrong and so am I. The US court can only “recommend” such action, and it is up to ICANN. ICANN has stated it understands both sides, but more than likely won’t shut the domain down. It seems that there is some political drive in the issue especially with ITU and the control the US has on the internet. So to answer your question, yes I understand, as free trade would have nothing to do with this case, and globalization would come into effect, if only it was ruled by law. It is nice to see that there is interaction on the US side of things now trying to put a stop to things, which I hope happens.

    Can someone riddle me why the US has supposed control of the internet? Why is it that we have to control so much, or from the looks of it, try to control everything? We aren’t King Midas, and so far everything we have been touching has turned to shit.

  • Rupert

    Can someone riddle me why the US has supposed control of the internet?

    Because we built it, idiot.

    If other countries want control of ‘The Internet’, they are free to build their own.

  • Ahh, here is an intelligent one. If you can’t refrain from using such intellectual words as you have chosen Rupert, then I don’t need you to visit here. I know the US built the Internet as it was in the early 90’s. It is no longer just strung from computer lab to computer lab via the many US universities. I think this control, or grip as it sounds is to much. If the we have the power to tell someone they can’t be on the Internet, or they can’t have that domain, that to me is a little excessive, and shouldn’t be a power anyone has, I don’t care who you are.

  • Rupert

    Intelligent would be to focus the discussion on the matter at hand, not bring in unrelated topics like Mark Foley and illegal aliens. From your writing, you would think your a teenager, but alas, your my age. That’s a depressing thought.

    In fact, you don’t discuss the central issue at all, your just viewing this through a narrow, ideological lens. The issue is the law, not some ‘we are the world’ collectivist sentimentality.

    The US court can only “recommend” such action, and it is up to ICANN. ICANN has stated it understands both sides, but more than likely won’t shut the domain down.

    This isn’t true. The judge thinks he can order them to remove the domain name, ICANN thinks it can’t do that. It’s a gray area, that will be decided by another judge probably:

    Although it is responsible for the DNS system undergirding the Internet, it is still subject to US law, and may not be able to duck a court order so easily. That could be why ICANN is pleading powerlessness in the case, saying that the only entity with the authority to suspend or place a hold on a domain is the “Internet registrar with whom the registrant has a contractual relationship—and in certain instances the Internet registry.”

    The Spamhaus domain is registered by Tucows, which is headquartered in Canada. If ICANN is able to successfully convince the court that it does not have the powers the court thinks it has, the responsibility for suspending the domain will fall to the Canadian company, making the question of enforcement of the judge’s order a bit dicier.

  • You are correct on my view there, as I wrote this with a bit of anger at the underlying issue. It in fact could have, and more than likely was, obscured by the anger I was holding within. As for my age, 32 is nothing more than a number to me, my mind is shot, my body is toast, and my mentality, hell, if I even knew where that was.

    I appreciate your pointings and quotes as a matter of fact, as I typically do not read arstechnica due to past issues with them. The same goes with /. and Digg as well.

    I am using this case for a MBA Project for Kellog. My post was a rant, that maybe I should have read a little more into, but still, the fact is that the current way our country is or is heading, scares me and angers me at the same time. I spent 8 great years in the US Military, and to see the Freedoms and Liberties I so-called served for, be used in such a waste as this, is what truly annoys me.

    Rupert, I really do appreciate your last comment, and thank you for the little slap of reality I may have needed to come out of my “pissed off state”. Thanks again, and God bless <><

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