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Sun Java 6 work around for Hardy

Thanks to tlayton_at_work in the Ubuntu Forums, there is a handy little work around for the Sun Java 6 issues in Hardy.

$ echo "export LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK=true" >> ~/.bash_profile

Works like a champ, and now I am back to creating GUIs with Netbeans, and running my code in Eclipse. Thanks tlayton_at_work, you rock!

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  • You could also just use the IceaTea version of Java too since it doesn’t have this problem. The problem caused by libXinerama being statically compiled in with Sun Java but being compiled without thread support. The sloppy lock stuff is a pretty ugly hack to work around this.

  • I have tried icedtea and it isn’t quite there yet. It is very close, but there are some apps that just won’t run with some of the projects I work on. I am able to use icedtea however with my qt4/jambi projects w/o any problems.

  • alphager

    So, what exactly does that do?

    I think this is the single most annoying thing about Ubuntu:
    When you have a problem someone will give you some way to fix it without telling you what the fix actually does. The fix then proceeds to mess some other software up and you have no idea what happened.

  • It simply ignores the lock. This issue won’t be fixed more than likely until Java’s next update. Even though the issue isn’t a native Java issue, they need to update in order to catch up to changes made by Xinerama devs. Java is going to update it in their next bug fix release (6b4) I believe.

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