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Penguicon, Netbooks, Oh My

Backing up what Jorge blogged about earlier, Penguicon 7 is just a few months away. It would be great to register now and also book your hotel room if needed. I highly recommend that you get a hotel room where the event is taking place. If you don’t, then you have to travel every night […]

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Rodent Hunting

Hey my fellow lazy webbers! I am looking at getting a new mouse that is elegant, sleek, and super mobile. Right now there are 3 models that fit this category that I like pretty well: Logitech VX Nano Logitech V550 Nano Logitech V450 Nano What I like about these 3 is that they have the […]

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Kickstart and custom partitioning help needed

OK, here is the scoop. We have one appliance that gets a custom partitioning via kickstart and a bit of Python love. Once the partition is complete, we install the base packages and then our appliance package. During the installation of the appliance package, it reads in the size of the multiple partitions it has […]

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