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UDS Day 2: Development, Archive Reorganization, Documentation, LoCo

Can anyone hear me? I can’t hear myself! I am exhausted and also just found out the source of my frozen funds. It seems the hotel here has been charging my debit card $120 over and over, therefor causing my bank to freeze my card, which means at this time, the money in my pocket […]

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As a member of both the Ubuntu Documentation Project and the KDE Documentation Project, one thing is clear, our current state of system help isn’t the greatest. An initiative that the GNOME project has looked at taking on (for the greater part of the past 3 years) is called Project Mallard. There are some things […]

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I wanted to let all of the Planet KDE and Planet Ubuntu readers know just how awesome our communities are. 24 hours ago I wrote a blog post titled, “KDE 4.1 documentation needs your help,” and we received and overwhelming response. On a typical day, #kde-docs on IRC has about 5 people idling most of […]

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